Web Hosting

Depending on your needs, Mockingbird Productions can either host your site, or arrange for off-site hosting for your company.

If your organization is a registered 501(c)(3), DreamHost offers free, professional-grade Web Hosting. Mockingbird Productions has been using them for a number of years with extremely high uptime and data reliability.

For other clients, Dream Host has very affordable plans, starting at only $8.95/month, including e-mail support. We also recommend LogicPoint which has annual plans starting at $50.

Mockingbird Productions also has on-site, battery-backed up, asymmetric 30 MPBS server that is available to our clients. Due to our higher costs of maintenance and low volume of clients on the system, we charge $25/mo to use this server. We only recommend using this system short-term while transitioning from another site or during the build phase in order to keep your current live site available while you develop a new one.

Mockingbird Productions will assist you in choosing the right plan and business partner to suit your needs. We do not up-charge for any 3rd party Web Hosting services.