Domain Registration

retro addressYour domain name is your address on the Internet... Forever... You want to ensure you get one that properly reflects your businesses name, ideals and function.
Don't have an Internet Domain yet? We can help! We never upcharge for domain registration, although we do charge an hourly rate for our services.

We can secure your domain name, set up Domain Name Services, and ensure your web site and e-mail are working properly. Don't forget, might not be the only one you want.

Maybe you also want or as well as common mis-spellings. Custom domains are available with 2-letter country codes - i.e. or .mobi, etc. Mockingbird Productions can help guide you through the Domain Registration process and ensure your business is properly located on the Internet.

Is the domain you want already taken? As they say, everything is available at the right price. We can work to obtain "taken" domains. Sometimes they're available by polite request, others for just a few hundred dollars. As a one-time acquisition cost to maintain a permanent name on the Internet, this is money well spent. We may be able to help secure you the identity you desire. Again, we bill this hourly, not by percentage of acquisition cost. Ask and we'll see what we can do for you.