Dash Log File Analysis

Dash is an Android-based social ODBII analysis tool to help you learn about your driving habits and hopefully become a more efficient driver.  At the end of a drive, Dash gives you a "score" based on your MPG and other factors such as hard braking and acceleration.  You can share your results (Dash Scores) with your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter friends.

As an environmentally minded geek, what I have longed to know is the answer to a simple question:

How much does it cost me to drive faster?

Dash is finally providing me a means to an answer to this question!  Upload your Dash log file below and I can give you the answer to this question for your specific vehicle and your specific driving.

Dash Analysis

Vehicle Name 
Log File:
  Trip Distance   in miles
  Base Speed   e.g. the speed limit
  Compare Speed   e.g. limit + 7
  Fuel Cost



  • Export Log
  • File Upload
  • Sample Data
  • Launch Dash, Menu, Settings
  • Send Feedback
  • Save off, such as to DropBox or Google Drive
  • dash.log is the file you want to upload for analysis
  • Do not worry, there is no identifying data in the log files (as of 5-28-14)
  • There is a file-size limit. If you can open and edit the file to get it under maybe 10 MB, it should work.
  • You do not need to identify the MPG lines, you can just cut the file by date and upload a specific trip
  • You could sort by cursor position and grab out only the lines with MPG in them, those are all that are processed
  • If after uploading, you get the same screen, the upload failed (probably due to file size)
  • If it works, you will see a graph of your MPH by MPH as well as a table for you to copy off to another app
  • This is based on the log file format as of 5-28-14 and is liable to break at any time. No warranty is provided...

To demonstrate the functionality, here are 2 sample data files for you to save off, then upload to see the results:

Right click, Save As...

Then upload below from your local HDD