About Us

Mockingbird Productions has been developing web sites for well over a decade. Owner Caleb Cohen holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and has been working professionally as a Software Engineer, Systems Administrator, Database Administrator and Web Developer for nearly 20 years (LinkedIn).

Free Press FrontThe first "commissioned" web site design was for the Student ministry of Saline 1st Assembly of God. Soon after, Caleb, along with partner Kyle Lady, developed a proprietary, fully custom, PHP-based Content Management System built on the Ubuntu Operating System utilizing mySQL for article storage. This was long before the days of Joomla and Ruby on Rails. The system was built from the ground up, was fully customizable, featured an administration panel for non-technical staff to easily update and maintain the site.

In March 2006, Mockingbird Productions was featured on the front page of the Detroit Free Press in an article titled "Downloading God." The article, and subsequent WJR Radio interview, focused on the cutting edge web site designed for Saline 1st Assembly of God.

At site launch, we instituted PodCasting of all church services. Custom code was written to record, encode and upload the audio from Sunday and Wednesday services immediately after they concluded. Those who missed the service due to illness, travel or who couldn't place Saline, Michigan on a map could download and listen to the messages mere minutes after the ended. The church, averaging only 140 on Sunday mornings, was seeing nearly 1,000 weekly download of its messages thanks to the new Apple iPod.

Years ahead of its time in scope and flexibility, the code became redundant when larger, open source, projects such as Joomla were developed. All current site development is performed featuring Joomla.

Mockingbird Productions has developed & maintained web sites for everyone from individuals & small churches to major market radio stations. Our experience base is vast and our ability to meet your requirements is certain. Aside from regular staff, Mockingbird Productions has network agreements with many talented individuals and firms that can provide services where in-house staff lacks - services such as custom photography and Photoshop, logo creation & design, print services and much more.

Your partnership with Mockingbird Productions is far greater than just this firm.

Principal Caleb Cohen hails from Pittsburgh and is on his second stint living in New Jersey, spending time in Ann Arbor, Michigan in-between. He is active in the community, coaching baseball, working in tech ministry at Evangel Church and volunteering at School One and Park Middle where his sons are students.

Mockingbird Productions is a proud member of the community and 10% of all proceeds are donated to local charities.